What is Systemic Team Coaching?

Systemic Team Coaching is a process of coaching the whole team both when they are together and apart over a designated period of time in order to:
  • Align on a common purpose
  • Improve their collective performance and how they work together
  • Build on their differences
  • Develop their collective leadership
  • Engage more effectively with all stakeholder groups
  • Jointly transform the wider context 

The core disciplines model of team coaching, by Peter Hawkins


What is it that the world of tomorrow needs that we uniquely can deliver?


With so much being asked of us, are we clear what our priorities are?


How will we as a team work together brilliantly?


What is our strategy for connecting with our stakeholders and the world beyond us?

The unconscious mind of the organisation

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Team coaching is useful when...

  • The team lacks clarity and focus on shared goals and collective performance
  • The team needs to lead organisational change
  • Team members have little understanding and appreciation for each other’s disciplines
  • The team has become ‘stuck’
  • Teams experience tensions, conflict or insufficient diversity in thinking 
  • A new team leader has been appointed
  • The team needs to enhance collaborative decision making
  • Team members need a safe space for opening up to the true conversations
  • The team needs an independent and external perspective
  • The team needs to identify new ways of responding to external conditions and engaging the critical stakeholder groups