3D Team Ethos

We are (and intent to stay) small and artisan. We are committed to designing bespoke interventions in partnership with our clients – and will do so in a way that is transparent, clear and up-front.

We are entirely opposed to up-selling, creating dependency or staying a day longer than is useful. And although we will arrive with a pocket full of ideas and loads of experience, we will use only what feels relevant in your situation. Unlike one of the Big 5 Consultancies, we don’t impose processes that have worked elsewhere – because you are not elsewhere! 

Great Team Coaching names and reduces dependency and encourages autonomy.  That is where we want to leave you. Great Team Coaches are clear about what needs to be done and will constantly be measuring the impact their work is having on team performance and the progress that is being made. That is what we aspire to.


3D Coaching DNA

3D Team is part of 3D Coaching . Although the areas in which we work are distinct (we specialise in working with groups and teams while other parts of the organisation work with individuals, 121), we share strands of DNA – and this means we have lots in common.

The 3D approach to Coaching Mastery is characterised by:

Meet our team

We bring a broad range of experience and skills, working as a closely aligned team to design interventions.