Board and executive team level coaching

So that you can get a feel of the way we work, our interventions with teams are always in two parts. First, we will collaborate with you in a diagnostic phase at a set price. The report you will receive will leave you and the team with a clear sense of areas for focus and some suggestions about how you might work differently. If you then choose to, we will co-create a second phase of more intensive work over a six month period. This will be a series of bespoke interventions at a whole team level.  At the end of this second phase, we will review what has been achieved, and what learning there has been, and see what the next appropriate steps are. 

Phase I

At your invitation, we will initiate a series of conversations with you, your team and critical stakeholders (either face-to-face or by phone), and we will invite everyone to participate in a review of the current state of the team and organisation using the online Team Connect 360 diagnostic tool. We will then think carefully about what we think we are learning, draw up a report which we will send to you, and then we will sit down with you and your team to talk about it, our insights and hypotheses. At the end of this initial phase, you and the team will have some suggestions about what can be done by the team, whether or not you choose to move on to Phase II.

Phase II

Based on our insights, our hypotheses and the conversation we have had, we will together design and cost a six-month process of working with your team. Because we do not believe that 'one size fits all' we will draw on a whole range of possible approaches and tools, so that the work we do with you and your team is bespoke; this may include the use of various psychometrics, team away days, process facilitation and consultancy, coaching the whole team at work and individual coaching for team members. The cost, frequency and intensity of the work we agree to do will be discussed and agreed at the outset - so that you know exactly what you can expect from us and what we will expect from you.

Some of the skills 3D Team brings

Board and executive team level coaching

We work with whole teams over a fixed period of time, helping the team to perform better whether together or apart. We bring to our work insights from the worlds of systemic and psychoanalytic thinking, and knowledge of organisational context, contemporary challenges in the marketplace and the opportunities for reflexive, shared leadership in complex modern organisations. 

World class psychometrics

We partner with the very best providers of psychometric assessment tools (tested and validated by the British Psychological Society) to ensure that the insights you team has about, for example, individual personality traits, thinking, learning and communication styles, in normal and stressed conditions, are the very best available in the current marketplace. These tools can help to increase self-awareness and to recognise impact on others, allowing team members to achieve improved alignment and to leverage complementary working styles. 

Frameworks for board and team evaluation

Increasingly, organisations are being asked to undertake evaluation processes for boards and teams. We work with clients to design evaluation processes that help teams to assess how focussed they are on their primary task and on meeting the needs of the wider system, and how much they are  in conformity with agreed standards and regulatory expectations.  This way of working transforms the evaluation process from being an occasional box-ticking exercise to satisfy outside authorities, into being a powerful tool for continuous reflection and development to enable meaningful communication with stakeholders.

Physical movement and play

Too often team membership is an above-the-board-table, chest-up experience. Teams are not good at getting out of their heads and being embodied.  We work to help people move,  figuratively and literally; when we engage our bodies and when we move to stand in different places, standing – imaginatively – in other peoples’ shoes and in an entirely independent place, we see the world differently. And because we tend, often, to be too serious and cerebral, we often use play as a way of unlocking the potential of individuals and teams. 

Large format graphic facilitation

We are skilled at using large-format graphics and co-created charts to help teams to get their collective thinking out of the ether and into concrete form. We find that sharing visual output is a brilliant way of helping teams to allow meaning to emerge over time, and to be owned, and for teams to stay aligned to their developing vision and strategy in an emotionally connected way. 

'Time outs' to learn

Almost every corporate leadership team complains about the mad pace of life in the modern organisation. We are skilled at helping teams to slow down and to ‘press pause’, so that better, deeper, more nuanced thinking can emerge, and to allow interpersonal connections to be strengthened. When teams slow down, they develop a capacity for noticing patterns and themes which recur across time. Paradoxically, by slowing down, teams are enabled to speed up back in the workplace.